First Street Photography Post

I just fixed my G9. You have no idea how happy I am to finally have it back! I dropped it last year and it has not functioned correctly since; So I bought a Lumix LX3. The LX3 has some hang ups I was never able to overcome:

1. Shutter drag, too much time for focus and operation, too many missed moments… The G9 does not have this lag…

2. Ease of settings change. The dial on the G9 is just so much more efficient for on the fly settings changes. The LX3 has a little joystick while the G9 has a rotary dial…

Don’t get me wrong, the LX3 is a completely competent camera, in fact, many of my favorite shots have come from the LX3, I also really like the 16:9 Ratio and the super sharp lens!! But I just prefer the performance capabilities of the G9… It’s a personal thing.

So, I REALLY want an Olympus EP-2 (PEN) and bad, but now that I finally took the time and grew the cahones to knock the aluminum frame from the path of the dial on my Canon, and it worked! So I now have a fully functional G9 and just in time for my trip to NYC this Sunday!! I am really stoked!! …Blog to follow!

And here are a few shots I took with my buddy Jaybird in Boston Last week. They are all with the LX3… So, while I am happy I got a few good shots, too many were missed for my taste…

There was much going on the Common that day and we noticed this park ranger was following us for a while around the common, but once he realized we were a non threat he veered off… We continued to Newbury Street for lunch…

I LOOOVE this shot! It is my favorite from this shoot, Bouchee’s is a beautiful space, and they make fantastic French Onion Soup too:

Jaybird and I wandered all around the city; it was my first street shoot in many months and it felt great to be back at it!!

This one is a bit Post Modern looking, but I like the lines and the hierarchy of height…

We began losing light quickly just in time for us to head back to the Financial District to meet up with my Love when she got out of work…

Dark and moody, just like the actual scene itself…

This shot was taken at 15th of a second, it was too dark for any photography otherwise, but since I had a place to place my camera and some skateboarders to photograph, I did, and the shots came out cool… I really like the ghosting and all of the allusions to skateboarding without any overtly obvious skateboarders…

Next Blog:… I will be posting some of my older shots up here and discussing some techniques and general street photography philosophy… whoo hoo@see you then dot com!!


D. Markus Witt

    • Street Photographer
    • January 29th, 2010

    Looking forward to your next post.

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